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[Meat Pad] Eco-friendly CPE1

Name of model : CPE1
It is made by using biodegradable materials with 100% eco-friendly certification, and it is good for products which requires an average absorption amount.

Meat PAD 제품구성

Top Core Bottom
PLA film
PLA non-woven fabric
Pulp Cellulose Tissue
PLA non-woven fabric

Edge Size(mm) Absorption amount
(based on tap water)
Boring Color Silicon tape
Round 80*120 100*150
Size standard
O White,
Clean Plus logo
Straight 80~110
  • The core size is calculated by subtracting 30mm from length and width respectively. In the case of 100*150(mm) pad, the core size is 70*120(mm).
  • Only 80*120 or 100*150 sizes are available for round cut pads. Sizes for straight cut pads can be selected within lengths marked on the size list, and the absorption amount will change according to the size selected.
  • Absorption amount could be adjusted according to your wish.
  • If the minimum quantity of products order is over 100,000, logos or phrases consumers wish to include could be printed on the top film. Please contact us before you order products.