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    • Precise boring technique:
      It helps to absorb drips effectively by introducing an exclusive machine which bores film precisely for the first time in Korea
    • Heat sealing:
      The company developed a heat sealing method, the first of its kind in Korea, so the pad can glue products without using a chemical adhesive.
    • Eco-friendly pad:
      Developed 100% biodegradable eco-friendly pads for the first time in Korea
    • Antibacterial pad:
      Manufactured the antibacterial pad through a technical partnership with Sinanen Zeomic, and commercialized the pad
    • 1 material processing machine
    • 4 meat pad processing machines (output of 80,000,000 pcs / month)
    • 1 precise boring machine
    • 1 roll paper processing machine
    • 3 slitters
    • 1 packing machine